Top 4 Must-Try Rums in St. Lucia

St. Lucia is well known for its beauty and natural magnificence. But have you heard of the island’s assorted rums with tastes as exotic as the island itself? Let me introduce you to our liquid confidence, our alcoholic delights, our party must-haves… But first, remember to drink responsibly.


- An absolute must-try! Bounty rum is produced by St. Lucia Distillers, which is located in the agriculturally rich Roseau valley in Saint Lucia. This line of rum offers six options for different flavours, each more interesting than the last. The portfolio includes; Bounty Gold, Bounty Dark, Bounty White, Bounty Spiced, Bounty Lime, and Bounty Coconut.


- Arguably a line of St. Lucia’s finest! Chairman’s Reserve is as iconic as the Piton Mountains which adorn its bottle. It is known for its balanced, well-rounded subtlety and flair with a great choice for cocktails and sipping experiences. Careful though, it packs a punch. This fine line carries Chairman’s Reserve White Rum, Chairman’s Reserve original rum, Chairman’s Reserve Legacy, Chairman’s Reserve Forgotten Casks, Chairman’s Reserve 1931, and Chairman’s Reserve Spiced Original Rum


- The taste will leave you craving for more. This is softer, creamier, and sweeter rum. The sweetness is merely a distraction from the alcohol that if you are not careful, will creep up on you. This range of Marigot Bay Liqueurs includes; Coconut rum cream, Chocolate coffee rum cream, Banana rum cream and peanut rum cream..


- The depth of flavour is immense! It may need to be watered down to your preference unless you can hold your liqueur. There’s no need to worry; at no point of dilution will it be lacking or compromised. It's simply a solid choice.

Honourable mention.


- St. Lucia’s favourite Brew for obvious reasons… If you are a beer lover, whether you reach for a bottle of traditional light and airy Piton Beer or one of their tasty, flavoured selections such as Piton Shandy Lemon or Piton Shandy Ginger, your taste buds are in for a treat. The colder it is, the more refreshing!

- You should be able to pick up a bottle of every rum in the list at all supermarkets, local shops and duty-free Liquor shops. The duty-free Liquor shops tend to be cheaper than the supermarkets but you will need proof of a return ticket and your ID. You can also get these directly from the distilleries. .

IF you do drink, please do not drive. We at Saint Lucia Rentals take drink driving offences very seriously!

posted by Kay.T