Qualities of a Good Car Hire Company

There are several car rental companies in St. Lucia, each offering variations of vehicles and services. With such steep competition, it is often a decision to choose the right company. We can help with that…


- This is one of the most important factors for any customer to finalize renting a car. Visitors to the island normally make plans and try to fit everything into their budget. A car rental company should provide the option of economy friendly vehicles that does not melt a hole into your wallet.

- Don’t just pick the company with the lowest listed rates—most car rental companies have hidden fees (deposits, fees for reservation changes, steep cancellation fees, high tax, etc). Look for a company that offers transparency. All fees are mentioned on their site or provided to you upon request of a quote.

Excellent Customer service:

- Fast, friendly service is another thing to look for when deciding between places to hire a car. A good rental company will offer you post-sale service in case you need roadside assistance or any solutions regarding your rental. Even when you are trying to rent a car, they will provide you with the best car as per your need. Good customer service is a sign of a good company.

- They should offer great deals and offers on special occasions and incentives for returning customers. This helps build good relations with the customer. This is a good indication that they have repeat customers who trust them.

Easy Booking Process:

- Booking your rental should not be a difficult task. Find a company like Saint Lucia Rentals with easy online booking or one on one email bookings and the ability to call and speak with someone at the company directly.

- The company must have a mobile responsive website as nowadays most of your audience is using smartphones and it makes it easier to look for car rental at their convenience. The website must be of optimal use and should show a proper image of the cars, information.


- There’s nothing more frustrating after a long flight than having to stand in a queue or having to walk a distance in order to be able to pick up your vehicle. A good car hire company offers the availability to collect your car at the airport or even have it delivered to your hotel if that is more convenient. There is no reason for any part of your vacation to revolve around the location of your chosen car hire company.

posted by Kay.T