KIA Sportage


KIA Sportage (Models 2016 - 2019)


Brilliant, Comfortable, Reliable

KIA Sportage

Saint Lucia Rentals brings you the Kia Sportage. It boasts a unique look and has the standard equipment, with a combination of good engines, strong build quality, a keen driving experience and plenty of interior space.

The Kia is a solid all-rounder. As a result of the sharp steering, it drives smoothly and carries its high stance with great poise in the bends. The bold exterior styling is complemented by a spacious, well-made cabin. Its raised ride height and tall body give a great view of the road ahead.

The Sportage can accommodate five persons. However, although it can fit three people comfortably in the back, the middle seat passenger has to position their feet on either side of the transmission tunnel. There’s an excellent knee room and decent headroom despite the sloping roofline.

The Sportage has one particular feature that stands out and that is its reclining rear seats. This offers an extra bit of comfort in the back. The passengers can adjust their seats to suit their needs. The shape of the boot is nice and square, and the load lip is low and flat, so it’s easy to load big items in and out.

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