Canaries (Kanawe) St. Lucia - The village of Colour

St. Lucia offers an entirely different world of grandeur, from its luxurious resorts and undulating seas to its infamous twin peaks and majestic views. While most of the island has been moulded by modern hands, St. Lucia still harbours a charming fishing village untouched by time.

Canaries (also known as Kanawe in creole)

Canaries (also known as Kanawe in creole) is a quaint little village tucked away along the West Coast Road, between the towns of Anse La Raye and Soufriere (26km away). In contrast to the more developed and bustling life of the surrounding towns, there is a slower pace and more peaceful air. The place offers great aesthetic pleasure, as it encapsulates the country’s culture perfectly.

While Canaries does not offer a lot in the way of tourist attractions, it offers the visitor a priceless experience that takes you behind the scenes of the life of the country’s inhabitants. The village’s many Airbnbs can offer a peaceful setting for a relaxing vacation with access to a car rental only minutes away. A morning stroll through the clean streets would reveal the beautifully coloured homes and the welcoming people moving around to complete their morning routines, while the aroma of freshly baked bread wafts into the air.

A visit to the bay can award you with the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Canaries may be small, but it is self-sufficient. There are several bars and small shops (including a meat shop) that you can stock up from. You can also call to place take out orders for breakfast, lunch or dinner at Jn Ba’s restaurant in the centre of the village (there are 3 fast food options for dinner).

For recreational purposes, you can enquire about snorkelling or visits to the nearby beach (Ti Kaye resort beach) and arrangements can be made for you. Home barbecues, seaside barbecues, river barbecues or a trip to the waterfall are also safe options with a guide. Additionally, you can choose to learn creole or Kwéyòl (a language widely spoken in St. Lucia) from your guide. If you decide to immerse yourself in the life of a St. Lucian rather than simply admiring its cosmetic views, Canaries is the place for you.

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