Best Food In St. Lucia

Your vacation or visit to see the wonderful landscape and beaches of St. Lucia is not complete without having a bite of their traditional cuisines. Just like the wonderful landscapes and memorable sites, the cuisines come with a touch of history and rich flavors that satisfy your palate and curiosity.

Everybody loves a good meal, and at Saint Lucia Rentals, we are in the business of making sure you enjoy your stay in St. Lucia. This is why we have taken the time to scout the nooks and crannies of the city to discover irresistible dishes you should try anytime you visit St. Lucia.

St. Lucian dishes come with a load of cultural influences deriving inspiration from French and British cuisines. Most of the meals are infused with spices and herbs that promote healthy living. The commonly used ingredients include cloves and nutmeg that are full of flavors and therapeutic benefits.

Most common Cuisines in St. Lucia

Saint Lucia Rentals are incomplete without our clients tasting one of the following meals;

1 - Green figs and saltfish :

This is one dish we always find to be wonderful and hearty at the same time. They are often known as the national dish of St. Lucia. Green figs and saltfish are prepared by cooking salted cod and green bananas separately and then combining them on a plate. The chef determines the right proportion/ratio of green fish to salted fish that is needed on each plate. The combination of green bananas and salted cods makes each plate of the cuisine full of taste and flavors. Note that salted cod is often boiled a few times to remove the excess salt and stewed with spices and vegetables.

2 - Bouyon :

Classified as a tasty and hearty soup, Bouyon comes in different varieties, which are all present in St. Lucia. Purchasing Bouyon comes with certain regulations that must not be violated. For instance, many local restaurants will only sell the soup on certain days of the week. There are also locations like Castries that serve Bouyon almost all days of the weekdays. Bouyon dish is richly supplied, including; carrots, yam, pumpkin, and sweet potato.

3 - Smoked Herring and breadfruit :

This St. Lucian dish features a combination of smoked herring and breadfruit with a tasty and cold local juice. It is refreshing and excellent for cooling off after a long ride in our Saint Lucia Rentals. The combination of local seasonings in stewing the smoked herrings comes with a lot of taste that offers an irresistible flavor and aroma. The dish is served with cooked breadfruit and cucumber salad, hence the name. During preparation, the breadfruit is cooked until tender and can pair well with herring and cucumber salad for an excellent finish. Give it a try, and you will be glad you did.

4 - Lambi :

Lambi, also known as a conch in popular Caribbean islands, comes from seasoning conch meat with lots of spices. The seasoned meat is then pan-fried to give off a wonderful texture, taste, and aroma. Most Lambi in St. Lucia are prepared using the Creole style and are a popular meal enjoyed by both locals and visitors alike. The irresistible aroma from the food is just top-notch.

5 - Boudin (Black pudding) :

Black pudding is one meal you should not fail to try while in St. Lucia. It is practically in every nook and cranny of the city. It features an acquired taste that is loved by many. The fact that black pudding is made from pig's blood, rice (sometimes), spices, and herbs is one thing that keeps attracting first-timers. Note that while some may find the ingredients offensive, tasting it will usually change their mindset about the whole thing. Bottom line.

St. Lucia is a beautiful location for everything you can think of. It is richly endowed with several forms of tourist attractions to excellent foods you should never miss. This is why our Saint Lucia Rentals is focused on providing the best experience for our clients. We are always on the move to discover excellent locations.

posted by Daniel